Developing Town

                                         Name of the Places to Visit


a)  Adina Dear Park
b)  Hamamghar
c)  Turkey Bath Room ( 17t
h Centuries)  
d)  Pandab Dallan  Minar
e)  Atbart Dighi
f)  Adina Mosque :

                   Adina Masjid, built in 1369 by Sultan Sikander Shah. One of the largest mosques in India, it also typifies the most developed mosque architecture of the period, the orthodox design being based on the great 8th century mosque of Damascus. Carved basalt masonry from earlier Hindu temples is used to support the 88 brick arches and 378 identical small domes.


a)  Kutubshahi Masjid  :

                  Qutb Shahi Mosque, locally known as the Chhoto Sona Masjid, built to honour saint Nur Qutb-ul-Alam. The ruins of his shrine are nearby, along with that of Saint Hazrat Shah Jalal Tabrizi, collectively known as the Bari Darga.

b)  Eklakhi Mausoleum  :

                  The Ek
lakhi Mausoleum is the most elegant monument in Pandua. One of the first square brick tombs in Bengal, with a carved Ganesh on the doorway, it is the tomb of the convert son of a Hindu Raja.

Gram panchayats :

                Gazole is an intermediate panchayat in Malda district. The village panchayats under it are:

  • Alal
  • Babupur
  • Bairagachi I & II
  • Chaknagar
  • Deotala
  • Gazole I & II
  • Karkach
  • Majhra
  • Pandua
  • Raniganj I & II
  • Sahajadpur
  • Salaidanga

Demographics :

              As per the 2011 Census of India Gazole CD Block had a total population of 343,830, of whom 332,191 were rural and 11,639 were urban. There were 174,536 males and 169,294 females. Scheduled Castes numbered 128,464 and Scheduled Tribes numbered 68,548.

Population :

                                                  GP Wise population of Gazole Block (2011 Census)

Literacy :

                As per 2011 census the total number of literates in Gazole CD Block was 189,014 out of which 106,217 were males and 82,797 were females.

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